Ready, Set, Respond.

Know how your cyber incident response plan compares to industry practices

Almost every organization will need to manage through a cybersecurity incident at some point. In the United States in 2014, almost half of companies reported experiencing at least one such incident in the past 12 months and the frequency of such incidents is increasing. The question for companies today is not if something will happen, but what to plan for when it does.

Incident response plans (IRPs) are vitally important to preparing for the inevitable, but an annual survey of leading companies shows that nearly 70% of companies are not confident their plans are effective. In an increasingly interconnected world and active regulatory environment, don’t let that be you.

A burgeoning number of global regulators and standards bodies call for a documented and rehearsed IRP. Boards of directors and insurers increasingly are asking about the existence and effectiveness of such IRPs. Having and using an effective IRP mitigates the enterprise-wide consequences of a serious incident, helping to:

– Accelerate a return to normal operations
– Protect your reputation
– Address legal requirements and risks across jurisdictions
– Reduce the costs of handling a breach

The in-house legal team is ideally positioned to take a leadership role on these plans, guiding and unifying contributions from IT, communications, HR, senior management and others across the enterprise.

Is your IRP ready? The Hogan Lovells IRP diagnostic draws upon the experience of Hogan Lovells lawyers and technical professionals across the world to help you identify if and how you might need to enhance your current plan. Click here to launch the assessment questionnaire and receive a complimentary report.

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